Monday, November 12, 2012

The hunt begins.....Ferrari Model LEGO Collection @ Shell

Well, I actually am 6 and above....

Another 5 to go......
The kid in me (don't make it sound creepy guys) just could not miss out on this LEGO Ferrari-Shell collection. The promotion period is between 8th Nov 2012 to 3rd February 2013. How you can get these mini masterpieces?

Get to your nearest Shell station and fill up your car but don't forget your Bonuslink card because you actually need to use the card to buy this collection.

Ferarri Model LEGO Collection @ Shell promo website

Seeing that I did not get anything for my birthday, I'm gonna treat myself to this collection. And I will have fun getting them all. Shell promo 2012 cars.

Really? Birthday? No presents? Okay. *grumble*grumble*


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